We at Don Don Ship Supply & Marine Services Corporation established high standard services to our clients worldwide. Registered under Philippine Law in 1980, the company thru the years grew from first engaging with ship’s provisioning and stores supply and now engage in afloat ship repair. We also act as authorized distributors for Marichem Marigases and Dry Cargo Hatch Cover Tapes.
As long standing member of ISSA (International Shipsuppliers and Services Association) and IMPA (International Marine Purchasing Association), we adhere to promote competitive rates, quality and honest supply  with professional communications skill to both our local and international clients.
To adapt in the changing times we continously grow as a company to serve our clients better by opening branches to major ports in the Philippines (i.e. Batangas, Bataan, Subic, Cebu, Palawan and Leyte) to minimize cost and maintain real time service 24/7.
As a corporation, we practice to reduce our carbon footprint by utilizing clean energy solutions with our supply packagings and practice effective recycling programs. Also, as part of our social responsibility to our country, it is our goal to improve our employee’s well being by ensuring a safety concious enviroment and continous training for self and work development. By creating shared values we create a working environment where value is created best both by our workforce and our shareholders.