Our Services

Food Provisioning and Stores Supplier

We cater our vessel clients with fresh and frozen provision (e.g., vegetables, fruits, fish and meat), food staples (e.g., groceries, rice, water, eggs), slopchest/bonded requirements (e.g., liquior, cigarettes, softdrinks)and stores (e.g., electrical, cabin, engine, deck, polypropylene and etc. – safety items) of high quality at reasonable prices.

Hatch Cover Tape Distributor

We carry DRY CARGO brand of hatch cover tapes, a self adhesive heavy duty sealing tape to keep out liquid leakages and moisture to protect and ensure valuable cargo.

Safety Equipment Inspection and Certification

Annual inspections and certification of vessel’s liferaft(s),fire fighting equipment and other marine equipment with DNV, ABS, LLOYDS, RINA, NK and CSS.

Marichem – Marigases Distributor

We have a partnership with Marichem – Marigases a worldwide distributor of marine chemicals, gases and equipments.

Marine Ancilliary Services

Underwater Services

We provide skilled commercial divers and works with innovated marine equipments.(e.g. underwater survey, underwater photography and underwater repairs – welding and cutting)

Afloat Repair

We provide efficient and experienced maintenance workforce on decks, hulls, engines. (e.g., painting works, tank cleaning, chipping works) Our service is top rated and we observe safety measures and environmental compliance.